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CIR comment “War in Europe. Ukraine fights for the West”

4 March 2022

European peace and security we took for granted has been demolished. We are witnessing a war in the heart of Europe, and Ukraine is being murdered before our very eyes. We can see, however, that, contrary to Kremlin’s expectations, the West is united. The European Union and its Allies have proven that they are able to forge a strong common position and take tough measures towards Moscow. This is crucial; otherwise Putin’s aggression will not stop. Now it is actions, not words that count. At stake is nothing less than the very survival of Ukraine and the freedom of the entire Central and Eastern Europe. This is why the resolve of European capitals and the United States for a Free World is critical – write dr. Malgorzata Bonikowska and dr. Bruno Surdel in comment “War in Europe. Ukraine fights for the West”.