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“British referendum: the day after” – CIR’s Debate

24 June 2016

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The fate of Brexit was decided by members of the older generations and their sentiments towards good old England that doesn’t exist anymore. The United Kingdom is constantly changing. Even the campaign that preceded the referendum was very unusual; instead of the traditional keep calm and carry on slogans, it was dominated by arguments and very strong emotions. – said Małgorzata Bonikowska Ph.D., the President of CIR, during a debate entitled British referendum: the day after organized in cooperation with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula in Warsaw Trade Tower. The debate was moderated by Zbigniew Pisarski – Director of Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

Bartłomiej Nowak – CIR expert, Andrzej Olechowski – former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Katarzyna Pisarska – Founder and Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy also took part in the debate.