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“Belarus is not an independent state. It is a vassal territory of Russia. Russia not only has troops there, but dominates in all dimensions,” – says Dr. Malgorzata Bonikowska, president of CIR, for TVN24 [16.05.2023]

16 May 2023
In the media

Dr. Malgorzata Bonikowska discussed the second round of elections in Turkey and the significance of Lukashenko and Belarus to Russia during an interview with TVN24.

According to Bonikowska, the re-election of Erdogan in Turkey seems highly probable, given the disappointment among young voters who supported the opposition candidate. Additionally, the third candidate in the election shares similar views with Erdogan.

The second point of discussion revolved around Lukashenko’s health and the absence of a succession plan in Belarus. In the event of Lukashenko’s incapacitation, the entire state machinery would experience disruption, which is a cause of concern for the Kremlin, as Belarus and President Lukashenko are staunch allies.

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