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“Anti-European, as well as anti-German phobias of the incumbents, are deadly for the interests of our country” – stated Eugeniusz Smolar, an expert at the CIR, in Rzeczpospolita [14.12.2022]

14 December 2022
In the media

Eugeniusz Smolar writes that the war between Russia and Ukraine ploughed through the awareness of threats. The reorientation of Western politicians and societies is not an easy process, given the persistence of the previous assumptions and economic consequences – the energy crisis, high inflation and recession, which threatens to undermine political stability. European states are quickly arming themselves and freeing themselves from their previous dependence on Russia.

Further, Smolar adds on Germany’s current role in the European arena that critics overlook that Germany constantly stresses the importance of NATO and its ties with the US. Geography and economy mean that the country is neither a Western European nor a Central European or Baltic state – it belongs to each of these categories, which affects its politics, economy and diplomacy.

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