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Action 4 Europe of Solidarity

30 January 2021
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The project has the main purpose to turn the spotlight and spread another point of view a great tragedy that is unfolding at the gates of Europe. The purpose of the project is to spread another narration, another idea of Europe, a Europe that not feel fear, an Europe that is not xenophobic, an Europe that says NO to the merchants of lies that spread fear and uncertainty for their own electoral self-interest. Europe is the bulwark of peace and hope for many desperate people seeking a better life. To reach the goal the project starts from the European solidarity attitude that led the European Union to be the beacon of civilization and democracy in the world.

Through several events throughout Europe and in particular the Mediterrean Area, the Europe for Citizens project is carrying out the promotion of an inter-cultural and open dialogue to understand migrations and improve the immigration narrative with the final aim to combat xenophobia in Europe.

During the events, the partners from 12 countries are stimulating the debate and democratic participation from different perspectives, with the aspiration of developing in Europe a positive sentiment toward immigration and the concept of European solidarity on the issue.