„They already knew before 7 pm on Tuesday that it was not an attack by Russia on Polish territory” – said Eugeniusz Smolar, expert at the CIR, on Tokfm.pl [17.11.2022]

Smolar criticises the Polish Government for holding back information on the missile striking Southern Poland. According to Smolar, the Polish authorities were in possession of the information already a lot earier than they admitted and knew it could not have been a Russian missile attack. Smolar also criticises the Government taking several hours to still discuss, whether the NATO Art. 4 should be triggered, although there was no reason to do so.

From those inexplicable actions, Smolar concludes that the Government was aiming at winning time to constitute a political rather than a military narrative. For Smolar, the Polish authorities lost a lot with that decision as the precious time wasted opened up the space for pro-Russian trolls seeking to spread disinformation and fear.

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