Poland-Germany: how to build the future?

Centre for International Relations and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Polen invite you to the next meeting of our series – ZOOM THE WORLD, a live conversation with exceptional guests on our Facebook profile: Centrum Stosunków Międzynarodowych.

Our guests will be:
👉 Michał Fijoł, Member of the Board and Chief Commercial Officer of LOT Polish Airlines
👉  Dr. Agnieszka Łada, Vice director Deutsches Polen-Institut
👉 Janusz Reiter, former Polish ambassador to Germany, Chairman of the Board of the Centre for International Relations
👉 Prof. Arkadiusz Stempin, professor at Tischner European University, historian and political scientist
👉 Frank Wagner, General Manager at Lufthansa Group Poland

We will discuss:
– what is the perception of Germany/Germans in Poland and vice versa?
– Polish-German economic relations: is Poland “dependent” on Germany?
– what are the perspectives for the airlines and travel sector?

Moderator: dr. Malgorzata Bonikowska, CIR president.




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