Innovation in Politics

The programme was created in cooperation with the Innovation in Politics Institute Vienna. The institute began its activities in 2016. Its mission is to improve European politics by recognising and supporting politicians in Europe who have the courage to explore new areas, are creative and get results – regardless of which political party they are affiliated with and at what level they operate. The Institute is represented in 10 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom). It awards annual prizes (Innovation in Politics Awards) for activities that not only improve the quality of life of Europeans, but also unite and inspire. In 2017, 589 political projects from across Europe were nominated in eight categories: civilisation, democracy, labour, prosperity, quality of life, human rights, community and ecology, 80 projects reached the final.

The initiative covers 47 countries of the Council of Europe. It aims to identify and recognise those politicians whose work is distinguished by an open approach to change and who bring innovative solutions to the public sphere. It consists of two elements: a pan-european projects competition, judged by a jury of more than 1,000 citizens, and an innovation lab that helps leaders implement such projects in their countries.

More information about the project here.