According to Australian media, Chinese Investment Company China Capital Investment Group (CCIG) acquired South Molle Island near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland for 25 million Australian dollars (about $ 19 million). According to The Brisbane Times, a little over a year ago the same company acquired Daydream Island resort complex with Daydream Island Resort and Spa for 30 million Australian dollars. It is reported that CCIG primarily attracted huge economic potential of the development of the island of South Mall, more than 12 hectares of the undeveloped territory of which are located on the coast. Moreover, the island has a superb sandy beach, which is over 600 m. 

In accordance with the general plan of development of the island, it can accommodate a four-, five- and six-star resort.

Chinese companies are not the first interested in the prospects of tourism in Australia. So, in 2012 the White Horse Group spent 12 million Australian dollars for the purchase the island Lindeman.

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