Our decisions at the Brussels Summit show that, as the world changes, Europe and North America stand together and act together in NATO – declared the Secretary-General of the Alliance. However, US President Donald Trump’s behaviour and actions show otherwise. Not only has he been ambiguous on the US’ commitment towards the alliance’s article 5 of collective defence, he also consistently verbally attacked and undermined his allies. With his inward focused “America First” approach, unilateralism seems to have become the new norm. By unleashing trade wars against traditional allies such as the EU, he has chosen to oppose the liberal world order. At the same time, he is flirting with authoritarian leaders such as Mr. Putin. In these circumstances, Europe needs to get its act together, which includes working on a plan B in case its main security order based on NATO collapses - writes Robert Steenland, CIR associate and analyst, in analysis After NATO summit. Europe needs a plan B.