The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has asked Myanmar for unconditional aid access to the Rohingya Muslism in Rakhine State. This follows an exodus of 66,000 fleeing to Bangladesh resulting from a brutal military crackdown. The Myanmar government argues that they the killing, detention of citizens, and burning of villages is part of a counter-insurgency operation. The crackdown by the army began in October after nine policemen were killed in attacks along the border. Despite living in Myanmar for generations, an estimated 1 million Rohingya are barred from citizenship in the nation of 50 million, and instead live as some of the world's most persecuted people.

More than 100,000 Rohingya are living in squalid internal displacement camps. Despite pressure from the UN, and former Secretary General Kofi Annan, few expect the crisis to end. Despite the country’s democratic election in 2015, and Aung San Suu Kyi’s landslide victory, the army still holds considerable sway over the nation.

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